Maaya | Episode 1 - 'Beginning Of The End' | Shama Sikander | A Web Series By Vikram Bhatt Featured


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Sonia is devastated by an unknown emotional trauma to slip into a coma. While her doctor husband Abhishek tried to uncover the truth. In the meanwhile, Rahul pays the price of a bad marriage.

Maaya, a brand new erotic love story is filmmaker Vikram Bhatt's first web series directorial.

Cast: Shama Sikander, Vipul Gupta, Veer Aryan, Aradhya Taing, Parina Chopra.
Written & Directed by: Vikram Bhatt
Produced by: Loneranger Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Screenplay: Vikram Bhatt & Tanya Pathak
Dialogues: Anupam Santosh Saroj
DOP: Pravin Bhatt
Production Designer: Sandeep Suvarna
Executive Producer: Dharmendra Rawal
Editors: Kuldeep Mehan & Sudhir Mehan
Creative Head: Krishna Bhatt
Music Director: Harish Sagane
Lyrics: Vijay Vijawatt
Action: Abbas Ali Moghul
Costume: Aashish Dwyer
VFX & DI: Pixel D Studios

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